Welcome to 'Eloquently Barking' with me, Rowland Jones. Somebody recently asked me what the podcast was about. My answer 'About 35 mins', didn't seem to be adequate - but I had to think hard to put it into a phrase. It suppose it's about words. I've been writing 'stuff' all my life in one form or another - whether it's been recounting stories of our life in Italy, writing my 'contaminated Blues' songs or outlining the benefits of various cleaning materials - yes - not always glamorous but that paid the bills. 'Eloquently Barking' is my attempt to put all this together - though probably not the cleaning materials. I've started inviting guests in to chat about it - whether it's stuff they like or wrote or has puzzled them. There's also a link to my 't-shirt store' - www.missinginks.com is a range of T-shirts based a column that I produce for Zuiderlucht a Dutch arts paper based in Maastricht. I'll be adding to the range in the near future.  And finally there's a link to my music site.

So there's a fair amount of stuff please come and join me.