I've not post any posts for a month now. I have to say that I'm finding it harder and harder to settle down and write - whether it's songs or prose. I'm hoping that things might start getting a little better now that we have sunshine! The last few days have been quite eventful really. I had another letter printed in the i. I was rather surprised when they 'corrected' it -it originally said 'Miss Poirot, and Midsummer Madness' ! They also took out the reference to my age 'as I enter the final six months of my Biblical Best Before Date' - though I suspect that this might have been the cause of the incorrect corrections!

Blues Blast magazine did quite a nice review of my last album. I was a little puzzled as to why a reviewer should criticise my interpretation of my own song. . .but overall a nice review.

Next was Talking Songs. We've hit a total of over 100,000 viewers 35 episodes. Tuesday's session with Lovesick Duo reached a phenomenal 13,000 viewers. Paolo and Francesca are great musicians and lovely people. It was great fun to do and I felt quite proud that we'd got that sort of response.

Then a link appeared in. my messenger box to the trailer for the film I've been in. Now retitled 'All Crazy Random'. Looks very good.

So I'm hoping that this is the sign of change! Magari!!

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