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Mr Bilinki and 'the panel beaters'

It’s about 7 am on a bleak rainy Manchester morning. As I was getting myself ready for whatever the day might bring, I went to the small cupboard in the kitchen which contains the assortment of medica

The essential nature of doodling.

I have a nice Faber-Castell Fountain pen called an Ambition. You used to be able to buy 'Resolve' in capsule form. So please tell me, why can’t I buy a bottle of Determination or a can of Tenacity!? I

I-Spy . . . .

Lesley is often surprised when I come out with some obscure fact. 'That dog has got a funny tail!' she’ll say; I reply 'It’s a Basenji.' Or pointing to a car with a strangely angled back window she'

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